What we do:

Easy Internet is the hub, from here you can access all our integrated and affordable services.

Our services are designed to be superb standalone, or to be meshed together to add extra gears to your online presence and extend your reach.

For businesses and individuals, for not-for-profits, charities and community clubs. We can cater for anyone and anything.

The Internet couldn’t be easier.

Who We Are:

We've been making the internet easy since the year 2000.

We advise and guide more than 55,000 customers, designing and hosting their websites, helping them hit the top of search engine pages (incidentally, charging no fee unless we succeed), developing and integrating social media strategies, storing data safely and securely –all leading to successful online businesses.

We do all this for you at affordable prices, because you choose only the services you need. We’ll even register your domain and host your website for free. And you can freely access our 123 Social Media guide.

And you not only get great value, great service comes as standard too. We pride ourselves on delivering the human touch alongside our online presence. Contact our helpful experts (day or night for web hosting issues) to solve problems. They will always strive to give you an answer, because we treasure our long-lasting relationships with customers.

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Main Brands:

Business boosting front page rankings on Google and other search engines – guaranteed (or you don’t pay). Search engine success on a budget. We’re cheap, so you’re cheerful.

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Grab your domain, design your site and we’ll host it – an all in one service, including Totally Free Web Hosting. Reliable servers and helpful 24/7 support. We’re a welcoming team, right here in the UK.

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It’s secure Unlimited Cloud storage – upload, download, store and sync. Access, send and publish from PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. Start with a free three month trial.

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offer low cost, SEO friendly website design, ensuring that not only will you have the best chance of achieving top positions in Google, but that once people hit your site, they have a good reason to stay and buy from you

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