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Why Your Business Should Have Had a Responsive Website

Why Your Business Should Have Had a Responsive Website

If you’re one of a surprisingly large contingency of businesses still not getting on board with the importance of responsive web site design, a time for panic has indeed come. As of right now, it’s not simply a case of shrugging off the warnings of those telling you there’s much you’re missing out on – you’re actually in genuine danger of going out of business.

Well, that’s assuming of course that you are to some extent dependent on your website as if you do not operate an online presence at all, this of course doesn’t apply to you. If on the other hand your website is your livelihood, you’ve been treading very thin ice for a good few years now and the cracks have turned into huge ruptures.

In terms of what all the fuss is about, the fact that 2013 was declared something of a deadline for getting on board with responsive web design should drill the point home nicely. Does this mean that as of 2015 you’re dead in the water? Of course not – but only because most of your competitors are in exactly the same boat as you – late arrivals to the party.

If you’re wondering why it matters, it all comes down to the way in which more consumers than ever before are using mobile devices exclusively to access the web. And it’s no longer a case of the numbers being totally outweighed by desktop web access – things have tipped entirely in the opposite direction and the mobile masses are winning…big time! Sure, they might be able to access your website at least in a technical sense without you bothering with responsive web design, but chances are they won’t. Or at least, they might pay one visit once and never head back having found your site an absolute nightmare to negotiate from a tiny touch screen.

As for the good news, having your site modified to make it responsive and thus compatible with mobile devices across the board probably won’t cost nearly as much as you expect it to. And even if you find yourself having to part with a smaller four-figure sum, this is way less than you’ll end up losing long-term if you continue to ignore the fact that the future is mobile…period.
You still have every chance to give your business a shot in the arm and to gain an advantage over your rivals – it’s a chance that won’t be hanging around much longer though.

Personalised and Relevant Content – Are You Providing It?

Personalised and Relevant Content – Are You Providing It?

Regardless of your personal take on the subject, content marketing is a beast of a marketing tool that isn’t going anywhere. Sure, it takes a long time and yes, it has a habit of costing a fortune, but at the same time it’s one of the few types of marketing that genuinely has a long-term value.
Of course in any and all cases, delivering relevant and personalised content can be tricky. Nevertheless, there are various ways and means by which you can make it happen and reap the benefits of doing so – here is a quick look at just a few tips from the experts:


When it comes to determining who your audience actually is, evidence suggests it’s better to be somewhat more narrow-focused than to cast your net too widely. It’s a case of not just knowing who your user is, but also where they are, what they want and how they interact with online content. It’s basically a process of creating a blueprint of what you need to be doing from their perspective.


The way in which online communities appear from nowhere and suddenly explode into the biggest things in the history of history pretty clearly illustrates the power of engagement. If you’re willing to get involved in communities of those relevant to what it is you do, chances are you’ll find yourself providing personalised and relevant content somewhat instinctively and automatically.


One of the best ways of immediately gaining credibility and authority among any given audience is to reference something that resonates with them. If for example it’s pretty clear that your target demographic is obsessed with one particular type of music, mentioning a relevant band or two from time to time could certainly curry some favour.


You might also want to think about investing as much effort as necessary in producing content that looks, feels, sounds and indeed was penned by a real human with something real to say. Save the professional talk and superfluous jargon for other occasions.


Last but not least, it can’t have escaped your attention that more brands and businesses than ever before are stepping away from conventional content provision and turn toward a huge mix of mediums. Research suggests not only that videos increase the likelihood of consumers making a purchase by nearly 64%, but that a 12% increase in overall traffic can be generated simply by using infographics.

Urgent Google Update – SSL Certificates and Mobile Updates

Urgent Google Update – SSL Certificates and Mobile Updates

Google have recently announced that from July 2018, the Chrome browser will be marking all http sites as ‘not secure’.

As online security is a concern to many web users, it is recommended that you install an SSL certificate (the green padlock) sitewide as a priority!
They have also announced that they have started to move websites over to a ‘mobile-first’ search engine, which although currently separate, will be merged at some point; so making improvements to the mobile version of the website should now be treated as a priority!