In 2017 we can expect to see more big changes across the world of digital marketing. Over the last few years we’ve passed many major milestones, such as the turning point for mobile traffic which now accounts for the majority of all internet usage and visits to websites. Meanwhile, the spectrum of different platforms available has continued to develop and diversify, with brands racing to keep up with the latest trends. If you’re interested in pushing the boundaries and getting to new audiences before your competitors, don’t delay any longer – this list of upcoming trends should give you some inspiration.

Live Streaming

Facebook is the main player pushing live video to the masses right now. Periscope was on the verge of taking off in a big way about a year ago, but it was quickly snapped up by Twitter who are yet to launch their version of the technology. We can probably expect this very soon. Live video is an extremely engaging channel that allows businesses to have virtual guests at their real life events, opening up a real-time, two-way communication channel that makes everything feel more exciting. We can expect to see much wider use of live streaming for marketing reasons as the year goes on.

Personalised Marketing

As we spend more time online, we leave more digital footprints. Companies are getting better at harvesting this information and processing it to draw up coherent customer profiles. This brings with it a level of precision-targeting we’ve never seen before, and technology continues to improve in this field. As a result, all the adverts we see online and getting increasingly specific, which significantly boosts businesses’ chances of getting interactions from these. This is mutually beneficial, since users are exposed to fewer generic ads, and businesses don’t waste money casting nets too widely.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has definitely entered the mainstream, although its marketing applications are currently limited. Some of the most forward-thinking brands are now looking to change that by taking it a step further with augmented reality. To get a sense of how this can realistically work, think about apps like Snapchat and Pokémon Go which overlay effects and animations on what’s physically in front of you by using your camera phone. Soon we can expect to see more apps that function as personal shopping assistants, helping you find items in shops and providing on-screen information about them using the same principle.

Location-sensitive mobile marketing

Your mobile phone can provide a wealth of information about your behaviour which companies would love to get their hands on. One data type that’s relatively easy to track (once you get someone to install your app) is a person’s location. Some brands are now using this live data to target people with specific ads based on their past purchases. For example, walking into the vicinity of a particular shop (using technology called geo-fencing) could trigger a notification to remind you about the gift certificate you still have to spend there. Airline apps now offer passengers helpful services like in-flight entertainment guides and live departure updates as they move through the airport and get ready for their flight. These are just a few of the futuristic techniques we can expect to see more of in the coming months. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, we recommend experimenting with some of these yourself to try and reach your customers in new and exciting ways.
What has your business achieved in the last year? In any field, it’s important to constantly learn new lessons and put your experience to good use. This is especially true for online businesses, since technology and trends change so fast it can be hard to keep up. You need to stay on top of your game this year, so what can you do? We recommend setting yourself a few realistic goals for 2017, and working on them as soon as possible. Here are our top choices for business New Year’s resolutions…

Build your business website

Amazingly, it’s estimated that around 40% of small businesses are still managing with no website at all. This makes it extremely difficult for new customers to find out you even exist, let alone persuade them that you are the right choice for them. It instantly gives your competitors a huge advantage. If you’re in this position, your first resolution for the year has to be to get online.

Update your website

Got a website already? Great. But is it actually up to scratch? Although you may have invested a lot of money in your website, but if that was more than two or three years ago, there’s a good chance your site could require an update in order to present your business in the best possible way. Modern users expect any business to have a fast, attractive and responsive website design that adapts to screens of any size, whether you’re viewing on a phone or a desktop PC. They expect seamless social media integration, easy checkout functions, engaging content… the list goes on. It might be a daunting task, but there will almost certainly be at least a few small ways you can really improve the experience of visiting your site, and that could convert into great sales figures.

Get on social media

Engaging in conversations on Twitter, Facebook and other channels is no longer optional if you expect to be taken seriously in most markets. Customers in 2017 expect businesses to have a presence everywhere that matters, because they know that even if a business isn’t listening to their opinions, their friends and followers will. The worst case scenario here is to be getting a bad reputation on a social network you haven’t even signed up for. But apart from damage control, there are many positive reasons to get more active on social media. More personal relationships are usually great for business, so anything that helps connect you with your customers is a great tool when used correctly.

Write a monthly blog

It shouldn’t take too long to sit down and write a few hundred words on something that’s relevant to your niche. After all, you’re passionate about what you do, right? Of course, not everyone finds blogging that easy, but it’s important to think about the benefits of investing that time and sharing your expertise. As someone managing a business, you have a huge amount to offer your readers, so don’t undervalue your knowledge. In addition to directly speaking to your customers through your blog, this is also fantastic for search engines. Fresh content appearing on your website on a regular basis is a great indicator for the likes of Google, so you may also see your search positions increasing as a result.

Create a written plan

Whatever you do, it’s essential to write notes on what you plan to achieve by the end of this year, or even in the next few months. From there, once you have an objective in mind, you can decide what ideas you’re going to implement in order to get there. It’s important to do these things in the right order and make coordination a priority, otherwise you run the risk of all your team members heading in different directions. This makes it much harder to make progress. We wish you the best of luck with all your business resolutions this year! If you’d like help with these issues or any other plans you have for marketing your business online, we’d love to hear from you and help find a solution.
Most of us have already experienced first-hand how the internet has changed how businesses operate on almost every level. Ignoring this change stopped being a real option at least ten years ago. Why, then, have so many businesses found themselves completely unprepared to deal with an online security crisis? Cases of cyber-attacks and hacking are increasing for small businesses, as well as high-profile brands that have been damaged by surprisingly low-tech attacks. One example is Dyn, whose cloud-based infrastructure was overloaded in October 2016, taking down the likes of Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and many more. This highlighted again how reliant we are on our online presence, and how dangerous this can be when we fail to protect our businesses. This also reminds us that even businesses that don’t allow customers to make payments through their websites need to take security seriously. If your website falls victim to any kind of malicious attack, either from an autonomous piece of software or a hacker specifically targeting your business, all of the following could be at risk.
  • Your customers’ sensitive data – not only financial, but personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers and anything else you have on file
  • Confidential information about your company regarding finances, sales, personnel or even the valuable trade secrets that make your business a success
  • The operation of your website and availability of your services to clients
  • Your rankings on search engines
  • Your reputation as a reliable, secure company that can be trusted
That last point is perhaps the most crucial of all sometimes. Trust is hard to build, and even harder to get back once it’s been lost. A security incident or hack may be concerning to even your most loyal customers, as it brings into question the level of responsibility you take for the security of those people. So what can be done? Prevention really is better than the cure with online security. There are a few measures we would highly recommend, all of which we can offer at Easy Internet.
  1. An up-to-date, responsive website which caters to your users’ needs while providing state-of-the-art protection already built in. We recommend using a reliable CMS (content management system) such as WordPress and keeping it fully updated.
  2. Robust, reliable web hosting to make sure your site stays online almost 100% of the time. We can take multiple backups every day, and we also offer Cloudlinux to ensure total account isolation from others on the same server.
  3. Comprehensive security measures, such as our Sitelock add-on, to scan for uploaded viruses, exploits and other threats in real time and keep you alerted to any changes.
  4. Regular technical audits to make sure your website it optimised and operating correctly, with no past security problems affecting your current site.
The task of getting your website fully secure can be a daunting one, so we like to make it easy for our clients. If you think you may need help with any aspect of your online marketing, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to advise you.

Niche Business Awards 2016

Posted by Mark Esho on May 19, 2016

Easy Internet are proudly sponsoring the Niche Business Awards 2016. The Niche Business Awards have been created to highlight and reward excellence across the Leicestershire region; supporting both the private and public sectors to recognise local companies who truly go the extra mile. It takes ten minutes to nominate a company. Nominate online at Closing dates for nominations are midnight May 1st 2016. Winners will be announced at a glamorous evening of awards on Friday 9th September 2016. 6pm to 1am.

Women In Business

Posted by Mark Esho on September 30, 2015

Easy Internet sponsored the innovation award at the annual Women in Business awards in September 2015. We had a fantastic time at the event, which was held at the Holiday Inn in Leicester. Other sponsors included the University of Leicester and Costco wholesale. The Women in Business awards were geared at recognising the role of women in business and their contribution to businesses up and down the country. Marie Cart, director of employer engagement at the college, said:
“Both women and apprentices make an enormous difference to the workplace.” “Women now represent 55 per cent of all apprentices across the country and 54 per cent of young people would now put an apprenticeship as their first choice.” “More and more employers are recognising the importance of female apprentices in traditionally under-represented sectors such as construction and engineering.”
Our Managing Director Diana Esho was there to represent Easy Internet Services, who sponsored the Innovation Award. The award held great significance for Diana, who in 2000 was at the helm of Rank4U, one of the UK’s first digital agencies to promise a ‘no rank, no fee’ service. Diana delivered a powerful speech in which she implored more young women to pursue careers in technology like she has done, and push the boundaries of convention. Read more here: Leicester Mercury – Business Daily Leicester Mercury – Women In Business

Inspiring You

Posted by Mark Esho on June 30, 2015

Easy Internet sponsored the ‘Inspiring You’ event in Leicester, which had a fantastic turnout with a mixture of individuals and businesses networking late into the night. The event centred around inspiring people and how seemingly ordinary people can inspire others in profound ways. Speakers included successful coach and mentor Sandra Pollock and Diana Esho, who shared her inspiring story. At Easy Internet we think it’s vital to remember one’s roots, which is why we sponsor events like these to help inspire others grow their ventures and also remind ourselves of how our own business started with a flash of inspiration, which grew steadily into a lucrative business empire spanning two continents.

Strength in Diversity

Posted by Mark Esho on July 31, 2014

Category: Awards, Latest News
In 2012 our founder and managing director Mark Esho won the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award for Race at The National Diversity Awards. Mark won this award for building many successful businesses which have brought prosperity and employment to Leicester while continuously being engaged with people, like him, who have faced obstacles in their lives. In 2013 our team headed back to The National Diversity Awards as a sponsor of these fantastic awards – we hope to be able to continue to support these awards in the future. Read the official Press release  |  Read about our diverse workforce 

Key Transitions

Posted by Mark Esho on July 26, 2014

Key Transitions is an independent referral based service which helps support young people in becoming self sufficient in everyday activities. We were happy to help when we were approached by them to design their website.