Easy Internet Showcases the Power of Digital Marketing at Annual Conference
Easy Internet co-owners Mark and Diana Esho shared their digital expertise at a law conference this weekend. At the conference hosted at St Martin’s house in Leicester city centre, Mark and Diana gave two presentations. Diana’s focused on how to get full utility out of a website without breaking the bank and Mark shared hints and tips on how to optimise social media. Mark said: “When I set up the business, very few people understood
Easy Internet Showcases the Power of Digital Marketing at Annual Conference
Every business is looking into CSR to boost their brand image and reputation. Whether it’s to boost brand image or to entice talent, the benefits are undeniable. Here at Easy Internet, we look at CSR differently. Rather than a specific activity to tick a box, social responsibility and value are incorporated in every aspect of our business and although we do directly support several charities, that’s only one tiny part of our approach. It starts

10 Ways Your Site Could Be Falling Behind

Posted by Easy Internet on  August 14, 2018

Category: Design
When it comes down to it, websites really are pretty special assets for businesses. There are few other ways to be constantly represented or open to new business twenty-four hours a day. They can be the ultimate shopfront, allowing you to cleverly and adaptively craft the way your business is going to be perceived by your audience and customers. That said, there are plenty of ways for websites to go slightly wrong, with the biggest
If you’re one of a surprisingly large contingency of businesses still not getting on board with the importance of responsive web site design, a time for panic has indeed come. As of right now, it’s not simply a case of shrugging off the warnings of those telling you there’s much you’re missing out on – you’re actually in genuine danger of going out of business. Well, that’s assuming of course that you are to some
Regardless of your personal take on the subject, content marketing is a beast of a marketing tool that isn’t going anywhere. Sure, it takes a long time and yes, it has a habit of costing a fortune, but at the same time it’s one of the few types of marketing that genuinely has a long-term value. Of course in any and all cases, delivering relevant and personalised content can be tricky. Nevertheless, there are various