Proudly Supporting Black Enterprise in the East Midlands

black enterprise

Giving back to the community and creating a business with a conscience is extremely important to us here at Easy Internet.

Therefore we’re delighted to announce that our Founder and Managing Director, Mark Esho, has combined forces with a number of influential black colleagues and friends to form the East Midlands Black Business Network.

The EMBBN was created by Mark Esho, David McFarlane, Brian Simmons, Ashiedu Joel and Sandra Pollock out of a desire for change.

It’s no secret that there’s still a huge discrepancy when it comes to black people in business and those who are occupying managerial positions.

The EMBBN aims to challenge this by promoting black enterprise within the East Midlands region and by providing a safe space for mentoring and support.

They also hope to build prosperous business relationships between the black community and inspire and motivate the next generation of black entrepreneurs along the way.

The EMBBN is open to anyone who identifies themselves as being black or of African heritage. This exciting new initiative was launched at the Institute of Directors East Midlands Director of the Year Award 2019, where Mark won the Best Director award in the Leicestershire category.

Photo credit: Peter Nutkins Photography

With EMBBN’s help, we hope more inspiring black entrepreneurs will be scooping up awards all around the region – and beyond!

As individuals, we can achieve great things but together we can achieve so much more.

Become a member of EMBBN today.

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