Why Security Is So Important For Online Businesses

Most of us have already experienced first-hand how the internet has changed how businesses operate on almost every level. Ignoring this change stopped being a real option at least ten years ago. Why, then, have so many businesses found themselves completely unprepared to deal with an online security crisis?

Cases of cyber-attacks and hacking are increasing for small businesses, as well as high-profile brands that have been damaged by surprisingly low-tech attacks. One example is Dyn, whose cloud-based infrastructure was overloaded in October 2016, taking down the likes of Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and many more. This highlighted again how reliant we are on our online presence, and how dangerous this can be when we fail to protect our businesses.

This also reminds us that even businesses that don’t allow customers to make payments through their websites need to take security seriously. If your website falls victim to any kind of malicious attack, either from an autonomous piece of software or a hacker specifically targeting your business, all of the following could be at risk.

  • Your customers’ sensitive data – not only financial, but personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers and anything else you have on file
  • Confidential information about your company regarding finances, sales, personnel or even the valuable trade secrets that make your business a success
  • The operation of your website and availability of your services to clients
  • Your rankings on search engines
  • Your reputation as a reliable, secure company that can be trusted

That last point is perhaps the most crucial of all sometimes. Trust is hard to build, and even harder to get back once it’s been lost. A security incident or hack may be concerning to even your most loyal customers, as it brings into question the level of responsibility you take for the security of those people.

So what can be done? Prevention really is better than the cure with online security. There are a few measures we would highly recommend, all of which we can offer at Easy Internet.

  1. An up-to-date, responsive website which caters to your users’ needs while providing state-of-the-art protection already built in. We recommend using a reliable CMS (content management system) such as WordPress and keeping it fully updated.
  2. Robust, reliable web hosting to make sure your site stays online almost 100% of the time. We can take multiple backups every day, and we also offer Cloudlinux to ensure total account isolation from others on the same server.
  3. Comprehensive security measures, such as our Sitelock add-on, to scan for uploaded viruses, exploits and other threats in real time and keep you alerted to any changes.
  4. Regular technical audits to make sure your website it optimised and operating correctly, with no past security problems affecting your current site.

The task of getting your website fully secure can be a daunting one, so we like to make it easy for our clients. If you think you may need help with any aspect of your online marketing, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to advise you.