I’ve worked in a few unusual roles before venturing into the world of SEO. I started out testing cotton in a lab (it was as fun as it sounds!), doing a bit of debt collection and even working for a Police Credit Union, before taking the position of director’s assistant at a Leicester-based Magento ecommerce and SEO company in 2007.

Although I wasn’t employed as an SEO engineer, it was through this role that I gathered a basic knowledge of SEO, web design and the technical aspects of running a website. I worked with the SEO engineers to create technical blogs and assisted the development team in bug checking websites before they were passed to clients. This experience fuelled my passion to continue down this career pathway.

I moved on to a position as an ecommerce manager for an electronic cigarette company in 2012 where I put the SEO knowledge I had picked up into practice, as well as learning new skills such as email marketing, social networking and content creation.

I joined Easy Internet in 2014 as an SEO engineer, where I further developed my SEO skills. In 2015, I became the SEO team leader. I love working with such a wide variety of clients on a daily basis. I aim to explain the technical aspects of SEO to my clients as clearly as possible so that we can work together to achieve the best possible results for their business. There is no better reward than seeing my client’s keywords hitting the first page of Google 🙂

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