As the main web designer and developer at Easy Internet since July 2016, I’m responsible for a diverse amount of different web based media and graphic design. At 123 Ranking I help to implement the necessary code changes and resolve any technical errors you have that is holding your website back from being ranked properly in the search engines. I work closely with the team at Easy Website Design to develop and maintain responsive and interactive websites, and collaborating¬†with the team over at Free Virtual Servers I provide updates and new services to the front of the website.

When I’m not working you’ll probably find me at the gym where I train competitive weightlifting,¬†I’m hoping to be able to compete in my region within the next 2 years. I also enjoy travelling around and have been lucky enough to visit many places in Asia, America and Europe, very much wanting to travel to Australia and New Zealand one day! Other than that I like the usual stuff, weekend lie-ins, gaming, reading, writing music and the occasional DIY project.

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