I work on digital marketing for clients as well as our own websites. I create content and strategies for all our own and our customers’ social media channels, and I’m also responsible for creating and managing Google AdWords campaigns for clients. I also handle a lot of copywriting, blog management, design, email marketing, website maintenance, usability testing and other extra services we offer to our customers. My background is in management and business as well as social media and video content, so I get involved with a wide range of areas.

I also manage clients’ SEO accounts and I’m one of the first points of contact for them. I advise people on creating and maintaining their websites, develop their SEO and keyword strategy, and collaborate directly with our technical team to make sure all our work is planned and completed. I also work closely with our directors Mark and Diana to help make sure all our services are coordinated, and I regularly work with everyone else in the Easy Internet team.

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