I started in SEO by purely chance in 2005 while working an English to Spanish translator in Argentina where I am originally from. I have always loved surfing the web whether it was for searching for information or watching my favourite music videos and documentaries.

I usually deal with everything related to onsite optimisation: meta data, looking for errors or duplicate content, for instance). When it comes to offsite SEO, I am used to look for top quality website where I can promote my clients’s websites and products by using my skills in digital PR or link research. Social Media is another aspect of digital Marketing I enjoy so much as I am very social person and like thinking innovative ideas on how to promote companies in the digital world.
One of the things I like about SEO and Social Media is I got to work for clients from really diverse and exciting industries such as Entertainment, Tourism, Hospitality, or Finance, among others. Always looking for challenges, I get happy when my clients reach the first page in Google and I get a super happy if they get to the Top 3!

If I’m not working I am VERY probably listening to music (24/7, almost literally), going to concerts or movies, drawing, reading or travelling.

Favourite artists: David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Suede, T. Rex, and Amy Winehouse.
Favourite animals: dogs, monkeys and white sharks.
Favourite drinks: Mojito and Caipirinha.
Favourite obsessions (I have many): Internet, music and all things purple.

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