Is Google Warning Visitors Away From Your Website?


When people visit your website, Google may be warning them that your site is insecure, leaving them likely to leave for fear of compromising their device or losing data.

Is this happening to your site?

The reason Google can flag your website is to do with their pledge to make the internet more secure. They first announced this in 2007 and have rolled out changes since then. If a visitor is using Google’s Chrome browser, it will highlight certain sites as ‘not secure’ and this is likely to negatively affect the way those visitors interact with your site.

You may have already noticed this as you browse the web, but as more and more websites secure themselves, those that do not start to stand out, and not in a good way.

If your site is showing as ‘not secure’ in a Chrome browser, it’s to do with the security of the connection between the web server and the visitor’s web browser. If this is not encrypted, it means that the information passed between the two could be viewed in some way. Given the fears about losing data, this is bad enough on an information site, but when it comes to transactional sites where users input data such as phone numbers and credit cards, the ‘not secure’ sign becomes a serious red flag.

Test if Your Site Is Secure?

Testing is simple. Does your site load with ‘https://’ at the front, or just ‘http://’? Do you see a little grey padlock on the left of the URL? If the answer is yes, you can relax. If you notice there’s no padlock, or even the ‘not secure’ sign itself, you need to make some basic changes to secure your site and reassure your visitors.

Secure Your Site Now

Secured sites use an SSL certificate to force a website to load through the ‘https://’ version rather than the unsecured version. Once the SSL certificate is installed and configured on your website, the warning will disappear and visitors will see the padlock right away.

At Easy Website Design, we build sites that are secure and SEO compliant, and so we install and configure SSL certificates on all our projects. This means visitors can view and interact with these sites with complete confidence, and our clients get the best value out of our work.

We can also install and configure SSL certificates to secure existing sites so whether you’re starting a new website from scratch and want a responsive, modern site built on the pillars of SEO, or just want to improve the security of your site, we can help. Contact us today on 0333 320 8099 for a free consultation.