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74% of adults online use social media, meaning it’s an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to connect with potential customers.

Social media is an element that will directly define your business in the public sphere, meaning it’s critical to get it right. Having a website is great, but a well executed social media advertising campaign will elevate your business both socially and financially.

A staggering 80% of UK users admit that they prefer to receive promotional coupons from brands they follow on social media rather than any other way, and a massive 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow. These numbers show that the arena of social media is ripe to plant the seeds of trust with your customers and to nurture relationships with them. In time, this will translate to a tribal following on social media and higher revenues for your product or service.

77% of businesses reported that they made a profit or broke even through their social media marketing campaign. If that’s not enough, there are over 1.6 billion social media mobile users in the world. If you reached just 0.001% of them, you could potentially convert 16,000 new customers. However, whilst having a social media marketing campaign is a fantastic way to engage with potential customers, one must be selective.

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A well executed social media campaign will strike the right tone on every platform it touches, whilst a frantically made one will most likely deter potential leads. Every social media platform is different and has its own forte’s.

So you’ve carried out SEO on your website and Google loves you, but do you know what the second largest search engine in the world is?

It accommodates 100 million users a day and it can increase understanding of your product or service by a massive 74%. It’s YouTube. It’s staggering to think that social media video marketing can increase click through rates by over 90% and that your website is 50 times more likely to rank on page one.

We’ve done all the research, which is why we’re wholly confident in the effects of our video marketing service. We’re one of the only UK based companies offering a dedicated service, and we’ve seen it working first-hand. Have you ever heard of the saying “Don’t tell me, show me”?

That’s why SEO video marketing has become increasingly popular and important- it’s no surprise that 80% of visitors will watch an online video, whilst only 20% will read content in its entirety.

We’ve seen this new concept evolve over the years, so we’re perfectly placed at the crossroads between experience and innovation. 60% of users will stop viewing your YouTube video promotion if it’s over 2 minutes long, which is why we personally tailor our video marketing service to create brief, succinct and affordable videos.

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      • Improve your SEO
      • Help you to engage with your customers
      • Make your brand stand out from your competition
      • Boost your online presence
      • Tell your story in a unique and inspirational way

What Our Customers Say

” I am thrilled with the website that you have designed for me. My website was designed quickly and efficiently and you always listened to my requests. Indeed, we were so impressed with the level of service that we received from your company, that my husband has just commissioned you to design a website for his company! “
David Kennedy, Kent Home Finders
“ Easy Website Design have recently designed our new, fully responsive, website and we are very pleased with the results. The team are friendly, helpful and professional. They have offered excellent advice on the design and how to improve our SEO rankings and social media presence. I am very impressed with their customer service and they are always available to answer any queries and offer advice. “
Steve Merrit, West of England Laser Centre
” We were looking for a solution to improve and update our image for our website. We called various companies and one of them was 123 Ranking. After an initial meeting to discuss our requirements, they were able to provide us with a solution that fitted our needs and requirements. We took the decision to use 123 Ranking and can say their service is second to none. We believe we could not have chosen a better company.” The help and support we have received we could not honestly fault. Natalia especially has been a credit to the company. She is friendly, polite and always really helpful providing with ideas and guidance throughout, whenever required. All in all, I cannot see us moving to another company anytime soon! We would highly recommend anyone to use 123 Ranking. “
John Standley , Green Plan-it Team