Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: which is better?


Here at Easy Internet, we have a long history managing online advertising for our customers, including both Facebook Ads and Google Ads. We understand how both platforms differ from one another and what they have to offer our clients in terms of reach and ROI.

Benefits of Google Ads

Audience: you simply won’t find a larger audience base than Google. The platform handles over 40,000 searches per second and the odds are good that some of those are looking for you and your business.

Equal Opportunities: Google is committed to providing a positive user experience to anybody using its search engine, and this extends to Google Ads. No matter what your advertising budget, if your advert is of good quality and relevant to their user, it will show up in web searches.

Multiple Formats: the days of text-only PPC adverts on Google are long gone. The company now offers several formats that let you entice customers with visual content, direct shopping links, and more.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Audience Granularity: a fifth of the world’s population (some 1.55 billion people) are active on Facebook every month. Because these users share so many of their personal details and preferences to the platform, you can tailor your demographics to target people that match your existing audience base.

Visual Advertising: as bandwidths increase and load times decrease across the board, online advertising becomes ever more reliant on images and videos. A well-constructed Facebook Ad filters seamlessly into the timelines of your target audiences, making it more likely that they will stop to watch.

Impressive ROI: with every aspect of your Facebook advertising combine being customisable, you can aim your adverts at people who are predisposed to favour your product or service. This means that even a limited advertising budget has the potential of generating significant returns.

So, which is better? Like so many things, it depends entirely on what your advertising strategy is, and what you hope to achieve from it. Using one or the other (or a combination of both) can potentially reap massive rewards… just so long as you know what you’re doing.

Here at Easy Internet, we offer our customers a complete marketing management service that includes both Google Ads and Facebook ads. For more information, get in touch with us to discuss your digital marketing requirements and to get a free, no obligation quote for our services.