What is SEO Copywriting?

seo copywriting

There is a saying in the SEO world that content is king. Now more than ever, Google is rewarding websites that include high-quality content.

In the past, many sites would use low-quality content with badly placed keywords in an attempt to try and manipulate Google into giving them higher rankings, and for many, it worked. However, these days, using such tactics can have the complete opposite effect, producing lower rankings or even Google penalties.

So, what is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the art of crafting compelling content that encourages the reader to engage with the website whilst also being search engine friendly. The content should demonstrate the business or individuals expertise on the topic being discussed, this will encourage readers to share the content, which, in turn, builds authority and trust.


Keyword research is still a vital part of SEO. Ensuring the correct keywords are included in the content will help Google to better understand your message and rank your website in the correct search results.

The main focus of any content should be the reader, so keywords should be added in a natural way.

Some things to remember when creating content for SEO are:

  • Where there is an overlap in keywords, it is fine to merge them together e.g. ‘professional seo copywriting’ and ‘seo copywriting agency’ could be merged to make ‘professional seo copywriting agency’. This helps to improve keyword density by preventing overuse of certain terms.
  • You should mention the keywords 1-3 times, depending on the length of the content. Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, it is possible to improve your rankings by including a keyword only once in your content. Overusing keywords makes your content look unnatural and spammy.
  • It is important to remember that you are primarily writing for the website visitors, so keywords should be added in a way that the text still reads well. Although it is preferred that you use the keywords in their full form, it is fine to split a keyword over the course of a sentence to improve the flow e.g. ‘seo copywriting Leicester’ could be added as ‘We provide SEO copywriting services to clients across Leicester’.
  • Citing additional data or providing evidence of your claims is a great way to demonstrate that your content is trustworhy.

SEO copywriting can be applied to website content as well as blog posts, product descriptions, PPC ads, social media posts, and more. Anywhere you want to build trust and create engagement, high-quality content is essential. It is proven to drive relevant traffic to your website and improve the chances of converting to an enquiry or sale.

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