Do Digital Marketing Services Require A Subscription?

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When you decide to promote your business online, you may investigate a number on companies before deciding on the best one for your requirements. One thing you’ll likely notice is that most digital marketing services are advertised on a monthly contract. Although this is an excellent option for many companies that are looking to spread the costs, it might not be the best solution for everyone.


Whether you are looking to give your online marketing a boost or have an inhouse team that require assistance, a one-off service is sometimes a better fit.


At Easy Internet, we have created a range of one-off services to cover your internet marketing needs. 

One Off SEO - £600 + VAT

If you have a small information site or ecommerce store, our one off SEO service is ideal for covering the on-page essentials. We will create optimisation for your website for up to 30 pre-agreed, beneficial keywords, check for common SEO issues, review the site for usability issues, and implement as many technical updates as possible. We will also run an analysis of your main competitors to give you an idea of what they are doing well.


To build the foundations for your online marketing campaign, we will build 10 backlinks on popular directories and set up a Google My Business profile if required.

SEO Consultation Service - £400 + VAT

If you have an inhouse team that manages your website but you’re looking for additional opportunities for them to implement, our SEO consultation service is the ideal choice.


Our experienced SEO team will complete an audit of your website using a combination of automated software and manual checks to assess your website’s performance and recommend changes to improve search engine rankings.


The audit includes identifying regional or national keywords that will drive relevant traffic to the website, creating title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags to target the agreed keywords, detecting technical issues which could impact keyword positions and advising on how to resolve them, and reviewing the site against Google’s quality guidelines to improve the on-page experience.


We will also run an in-depth analysis of up to 3 competitors to check for industry trends and opportunities.

PPC Audit - £450 + VAT

If you have a PPC campaign in place but feel it could be performing better, our PPC audit will help to identify opportunities for improvement. As part of the audit we’ll review things like the relevance of the target keywords, whether campaigns are using the best targeting method for the industry, how campaigns are structured, the quality of the ads and landing pages, whether all relevant extensions are in use, and that budgets are being used effectively.


We will also review Google’s recommendations and advised on which should be implemented.


Our PPC audits are popular with businesses that have previously had their campaigns set to Smart Bidding or worked with Google to managed the campaigns, and are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve conversions. 

Additional One-Off Online Marketing Services

In addition to the organic and paid SEO services, we also offer one-off services for a variety of online marketing essentials including copywriting, link building, Google My Business optimisation, and social signals. These services are available for as little as £50 + VAT.

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